On-Site & On-Demand Edmonton iPhone Repair

TEKU offers on-site mobile device repair in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Call or book online and we’ll send out a local, certified and professionally trained TEKU Technician to fix your iPhone, Android or iPad right in front of you.

On-Site iPhone Screen Replacement

Broken, cracked or simply unresponsive we can fix your screen while you wait, get a coffee or run errands. Either way, experience the convenience of getting your iPhone fixed the same day!

Weak Battery Life Solved

If you can’t last the day (or night) without reaching the end of your battery and running around looking for a charging cord, we have a quick and easy solution for you. Simply replace the worn out battery with a new OEM battery installed by our experienced technicians – can usually be done within the hour.



Water Damaged iPhone Diagnosis

While you might be able to, iPhone’s can’t swim. We can’t guarantee a solution like we can with screen repair, however we can diagnose your phone and give it the best chance at a recovery with a comprehensive clean out. Bring in your phone today!

Fastest iPhone Screen Replacement in Edmonton

Broken iPhone screens are incredibly inconvenient, and we’ve designed our service to be as affordable, convenient and as fast as possible. We know accidents happen and our local technicians can get your cracked screen fixed the same day, often while you wait.

Unresponsive iPhone?

We have several customers coming in weekly with phones that have simply ‘blacked out’ or become unresponsive. This can be confusing, but our technicians actually are able to diagnose these devices and find out exactly what the problem is as well as if it’s able to be repaired. This is more common than you may think and from our experience it is either the battery or screen that has failed. In both these cases we simply replace one or the other to find out what gets your phone working again. We only charge you for the component we replace and if your phone can’t be fixed or it would be overly expensive to fix (perhaps its the logic board or extensive water damage) we’ll let you know beforehand. Our pricing is fair and transparent so you can rest assured you won’t suffer from any sticker shock.

Water Damaged iPhone 5/6

If you’re stressing over a wet or liquid damaged iPhone we can make a few recommendations that should ensure we have a higher success rate when it comes to restoring it. First, we’d advise you to turn it off and keep it off until you can bring it into our Edmonton area shop. Constantly running power through your phone by turning it on and off will likely short-circuit the interior components which are wet and kill your phone. The sooner we can clean out the inside of your phone the better chance of recovering the entire device as well as the data will be.

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Questions? Call TEKU @ 587-410-3478. We’re always here to help!