Winnipeg’s Fastest On-Site iPhone Repair

Fast, on-site phone and tablet repair is now available 24/7 in Winnipeg! Call or book your repair online and we’ll get a certified and insured TEKU technician out the door to meet you at and fix your device right in front of you.

A local Winnipeg TEKU technician is standing by ready to fix your phone or tablet!

Fast On-Site Service

We know you want your phone done fast. That’s why we have technicians on hand all day to get you on your way as fast as possible. Right in front of you, on the spot.

Transparent Pricing

Know exactly how much your repair costs, and track the entire process from start to finish. We believe in complete transparency, so no surprises here!

Quality Components

We’ve scoured the market and make sure we use only the best replacement parts backed up with a comprehensive warranty.

Lifetime Warranty

We back up every single one of our repairs with a serious and comprehensive lifetime warranty on our service and parts – rest assured we’re here if you run into any problems!

Battery Weak? We’ve Got You Covered

A common issue we are seeing daily with long time iPhone 5 and 4S users is their battery not lasting the entire day. Even moderate use is sending people searching for a charging cable and praying they can find one in time. While the average user won’t be comfortable opening up their device and replacing the battery our experienced technicians do it everyday and would be glad to get the job done for you. All the batteries we use are 100% OEM parts that have been tested multiple times before being installed in your phone.

Headphone / Audio Issues

Another common issue older devices have, especially those which may have encountered water damage is issues with hearing calls or music over the speaker phone. Audio jacks themselves are often susceptible to interference from debris and especially water damage. We’ve solved tons of these type of issues before, so even if we aren’t your first choice in terms of getting your phone repaired or even if you don’t know what’s wrong – feel free to give us a shout and we’ll do our best to inform you and sort you out.

Stuck Home / Power Button

Home or power button (also known as the top ‘lock’ button) stuck? Need to hit it three times to get a response? Quit getting frustrated and let our qualified staff replace your home or lock button ribbon cable – most of the time these can be done in 2 hours or less. Often times the connection between the cable itself and the main logic board becomes weakened and it needs to be replaced or re-attached.

Water Damage Diagnosis

Jumped in the pool with your iPhone in your pocket? Or maybe you just sweat profusely in the gym and it’s made it into the headphone jack of your iPod. Either way, while this isn’t as straight forward as a cracked screen repair we have had success bringing iPhone 4 and 5 devices back from their moist graves. We initially charge a $25 diagnosis fee which covers internal cleaning of your phone. The damage caused during submersion in any degree of water actually happens when you try to turn on your phone when there is still moisture which causes a short circuit. Our strong recommendation is to keep your phone off, remove the battery if you have the technical know-how and bring it into our shop as soon as you can. Given the materials in the iPhone, the battery and digitizer/LCD are the most susceptible to damage and in need of replacement in most cases. Luckily these aren’t hard jobs, and much better than having to replace or deal with main logic board issues.

We make no promises in terms of bringing your iPhone back to life in water damage situations as there are almost an infinite number of small cracks and crevices where mositure can hide and cause chaos in the future. It also isn’t hard for additional moisture to make it into your phone. Even your iPhone resting on your bathroom counter while you take a shower can be dangerous as condensation can drip into charging or audio ports quite easily.

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